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Lt Frank Wood 1LF and 1st 7th LF

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Sgt Henry James Batt

who served in the Boar war as a bandsman
he served with 1LF 2 LF and 3LF
and with John Lynn VC DCM

11th March 2021

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Ken Swift
And his history with

HMS Euryalus anf the Lancashire Fusiliers



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Private Joseph Bryant McKenna,

39042, 2nd/8th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers
An Aussie in the Lancashire Fusiliers in WW1

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Pte George Heard / Heardley DCM MM
1st / 7th Lancashire Fusiliers
He also served with the Manchester Regiment and the 4th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers Militia

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Pte Maurice Rosenthal
C Coy 15th Battalion
(1st Salford Pals )
Lancashire Fusiliers
KIA first day of the Somme
and how the sewer men dug his rifle up

The feature Page of
Arthur Lawson
1st Bn Lancashire Fusiliers
India 1945
he is the son of Edward Lawson VC Gordon Highlanders 1898

The Murder
Cpl Samuel Ashworth from Bolton
in 1884
whilst Stationed in Ireland
includes court transcript of his inquest

Murdered for standing on a dog leg by accicdent

Seth Farrington

born 2nd August 1915 died 24th April 1970), Army Number 3458346

enlisted at Rochdale aged 24 on the July 1st 1940 joining the Lancashire Fusiliers

and following initial training he served with the 11th Battalion.

James Hornby

2nd / 5th Lancashire Fusiliers Served at D Day
transfered when 2nd/5th disbanded
and A Coy went on to served with
7th Welsh Fusiliers

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George Bradley
2nd Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers
who served in the Boer War in South Africa Omdurman and Spion Kop and is on the web site list as serving there
between 11th October 1899 and 31 May 1902.

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Fusilier James Garner (Jim). 1/8 Battalion, Lancs Fus.
Army no. 4350469. POW no. 1206.

Born Salford, Lancs in 1919. Enlisted T.A. in May 1939;

called for active service Sept 1939;
transferred to the 1/8th Lancs Fusiliers in Nov 1939
sent in by
Lynne Wilkinson

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David Hallworth
2nd Bn Lancshire Fusiliers

After 5 years of getting his Feature ready

Geoff Pycroft has finished it
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Geoffrey Pycroft

The Les Ingham


his military Life

Not Finished

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LCpl Milner Phillips

his Diary on the lead up to Gallipoli

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Lt Allen James Beeson
1st / 8th Lancashire Fusiliers
5FFR now known as the Frontier Force Regiment
( Pakistan Army ).

Captain Geoffrey Bowen MC
2nd Battalion, Lancashire Fusiliers

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Arthur Chappell

1st 8th Lancashire Fusiliers 1943

The Regimental Colours
of the
Lancashire Fusiliers

(this will be a large project and is on going and is far from complete)

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Joseph Newton

2nd / 6th Lancashire Fusiliers
1915 1918
Great Grandfather of Tony Wroe 2RRF

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Victor Power
2nd Bn Lancashire Fusiliers
Served in Dunkirk

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WO2 Rudolph (Drummy) Robinson

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Edward Morrison
we think he is our oldest LF

25th November 2018

Parliamentary War Memorial

Fusiliers in both WW1 & WW2


The Story
John (Mucky) Mason DCM
"The Ghost Gunner of Monte Cassino”
2 LF

The Mystery
of the
Minden Roses


The Feature
Captain Deans Graham-Brown
8th September 1914 to 23rd April 1921

18th Royal Fusiliers, 9th ,19th, and 3rd Lancashire Fusiliers
includes letters home from the Somme

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Major-General Lewis Owen Lyne CB, DSO

9th Bn Lancashire Fusiliers

and Commander of the Desert Rats
for final leg through the Siegfried Line in to Germany

John Albert Hollingsworth
2nd/7th 2nd/8th Lancashire Fusiliers

Joy Foy's (2RRF) Grandfather

6th Feb 2019
now with John's Great Uncle
John William Threlkeld
1st Bn Lancashire Fusiliers

Lt Francis Kevin McCormack
He was the Baggage officer on return from India and oneof his charges was Minnie and tells the story of how he nearly lost Minnie

18th Feb 2017

Kenneth Pollitt
Kenneth was 2nd / 5th Lancashire Fusiliers a wrote a diary of his time in the army called

it is now on site with permission from David Pollitt his son

One of the many
Gallipoli 100 success Stories
cuttings from
British Bandsman Magazine

Captain A.A. Townsend,
2/6th Battalion, Lancashire Fusiliers,

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Donald Barrett

This is a Bury lad joined the Lancashire Fusiliers in June 1940

Joe Eastwood's and Ray Cunningham's

trip to the Somme 4th April 2014

41440 Pte William Phillips

KIA 2nd 5th Lancashire Fusiliers 20th September 1917

East of Ypres


William Roberts
2nd 5th Lancashire Fusiliers

6th Jan 2014

3rd July 2016

The Nally Family

30th December 2017

Sgt James McDonald
1st / 8th Bn Lancashire Fusilier
through out WW2 served in Burma and was at Dunkirk includes war diaries news paper cuttings and citations

This is our biggest feature to date over 4 weeks work by us to put it on site
Heaven knows how long James had been working on it.

There is a Burma silk map in the pack which the Fusiliers Museum is getting preserved as it is quite delicate

Richard Jones

1st Bn Lancashire Fusiliers

China 1937
he was a battalion boxer

6th Jan 2014

James (Vince) Moran
in his own words

John Barlow
1st Bn Lancashire Fusiliers
1939 - 1948

Abner Settle

2nd Bn Lancashire Fusiliers.


Battles of The Boyne, Athlone

and Aghrim Hill

Capt John Tattersall

16th Bn Lancashire Fusiliers
2nd Salford Pals
1915 - 1916
Letters / Diary

The Feature Page
Jack Eastham
11th Bn Lancashire Fusiliers
WW2 Malta

The Feature Page
Peter Maher MM
2nd and 15th Bn Lancshire Fusiliers

But not Finished
15th November 2011

The Feature Page
Alf Brewster

Updated 17th Oct 2011

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L/Cpl George Gallagher

2nd Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers
1916-19 then again 1919-1922

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Fusilier George Tracey
2nd Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers
1936 to 1946
Battle Axe Div

The Feature page
Sgt Walter Bullock

The Feature page
Sir Gilbert Mackereth,
former Commanding Officer of the
17th Battalion, the Lancashire Fusiliers

Feature page
Lt Col J A Cross

12th October 2011

John Edward (Jack) Cannon
23 years in the Lancashire Fusiliers
and then became the Band leader at
Bury Palais

He also wrote the tune
"The Minden Rose"

Bill Spurin

10th Bn Lancashire Fusilier
1940 to 1946

Served with distinction in Holland, Egypt, Italy, Spain, and France.Conquered in America, and fell victorious at Baltimore. Born 1766, Hilden 1799, Alexandria 1804, Maida 1806, Corunna 1809, Vittoria 1813, Ortho 1813, Pyrenees 1813, Bladensburg 1814, Baltimore 1814.

The Story
Wellington Barracks
Castle Armoury
(Drill Hall Bury)

William Watson DCM
2nd Lancashire Fusiliers
Durham Light Infantry
and others

Charles Thomley

2nd Bn and 1st / 8th Bn

Lancashire Fusiliers

Lt. Kenneth N Tuffnell DSO
3385345 Private
Charles Verdun Wride MM

3442451 RSM Thomas Vincent McMahon
2nd Bn
Lancashire Fusiliers

Four Groups of photos dating back to




David Hindley

1LF Egypt

1950 - 1952

over 230 photos

The Wallace Jackson


2LF Battle Axe Division

Wallace was a friend of
Frank Jefferson VC


Major Arthur Alexander McKay

10th Battalion
The XX
Lancashire Fusiliers
Killed in action in Burma
27 December 1942"

Sgt. Walter Armstrong
Served with 2LF at Omderman,
Spion Kop moved to Australia
and then went to
Gallipoli and Mudros and France where he won the Croix de Guerre
He did 41 years in the British and Australian Army's

Major John Neville Smale
2nd Bn Lancashire Fusiliers
No 3 Commando.

Fusilier H. B. Pattinson MM
10th Bn Lancashire Fusiliers

There is alot more to come with this Feature so keep watching

Bill Hastings
120 photos of his time with the Lancashire Fusiliers
1931 to 1939
in China, Aldershot, Aden, and India

"The Ghost Gunner of
Monte Cassino”
Updated 6th Jun 2014

22495305 Cpl Paul Harrison
Signed on in Chester 19th July 1951
Served with 1LF
Bury Depot, Egypt, Kenya, Cyprus, and Iserlohn
over 220 photos of his time with the LFs and include some photos of the storming of the Police Station in Ismailia by 8Plt C Coy
sent in by Diana Needham Paul's Daughter

30th June 2008

Anthony Bramham
Natioal Serviceman
1959 to 1961
he took 336 Photos of his time in Bury, Cyprus, and Osnabruck.


I mentioned the war
Joseph Holt
2 LF at the
Battle of
Medjez el Bab

Cyril Robinson
Here Cyril tell his own stories click here

Minnie the Mascot

new Photo 1/12/05

William Roughly

3rd July 2016

Francis Arthur Jefferson VC

18th June 2012

Walter Dyer
The Shouting Fusilier

Spion Kop Memorial

Alfred Richards V.C
one of the Famous six before breakfast VC'

The George Powell
World War 2

7th Bn Lancashire Fusiliers TA

Converted to 354 Searchlight Bn

3rd April 2019

284 Private
Nathaniel Hartley
2nd Bn. Lancashire Fusiliers.

Henry Gething
Lancashire Fusilier
1892 - 1915

Colonel Hugh Crofton

The XXth of Foot"
Fulwood Barracks and McCaffery's Ghost

The Battle Signs
The XXth The Lancashire Fusiliers

Shot at Dawn
Lancashire Fusiliers

Albert Green MM BEM

Albert Ernest Edwards

Lancashire Fusiliers.
wounded at

The Laverick Family


The Mystery of the wooden plaque found near Salibury signed by 3 20th Bn LFs before going to the front in WW1
Pte Frank Nuttall
L/Cpl John Higham

Pte John W Flynn

Lancashire Fusiliers of Interest
Famous (or infamous)

Ian Greaves,
Lancashire Fusilier National Service Sergeant
and Manchester United Footballer

Jack Howarth

Uncle Albert Tatlock
Left Coronation Street to be the Curator of the LF museum
The Making of a Monster

Joe has the book in his locker its called
"The Knick-Knack Man."