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Your Lancashire Fusiliers Web Site Team

Dennis Laverick
(Website design, Technical queries,and admissions to the site)
0161 761 6881 or 07833618203

Peter Barton
07740028756 or 0161 797 0776

Archivist / Researcher
Geoff Pycroft

07428456751 0r 0161 773 9917

Welfare and Liaison:
David Platt
0161797 5321 or 07989730841

Web Site Photographer:
Clifford Tilley

Lancashire Fusilier
Web Site
Standard Bearer
Robert Barton

Web Site Custodian
Fusilier Museum Bury
This is for admin only
They will hold a DVD of the web site which would be updated every month so the web site will not be lost for any reason

ALL enquiries and photographs to be sent to

for other communications, please use the Message board

The team are all volunteer's and the web site runs on Voluntary donations to keep the site afloat it cost us about £20 a month in website fees alone

Donations welcome
Cheques to "The LF web site fund"

and send to
Mr P Barton
34 Stockton Drive

07740 028756 or 0161 797 0776
or via mobile Banking
Sort Code 01-01-42 Account Number 24656232 "The Lancashire Fusiliers Website Fund"
please put your name as a reference