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How the Regiment XX The Lancashire Fusiliers was Formed

Volume 1 of the History of the Lancashire Fusiliers 1914 to 1918

Volume 2 of the History of the Lancashire Fusiliers 1914 to 1918
by Major-General J. C. Latter, CBE., MC.

Sorry these links no longer Available

The Web Site also holds copies of Volume 1 and Volume 2 of the
History of the Lancashire Fusiliers 1688-1821 and 1822-1903. Both written by Major B. Smyth.
Also held is a copy of
The History of the XX Regiment 1688-1888 by the same author who at the time of publication was Lieutenant Quartermaster 1LF.

They are to large to be displayed on the Web Site. Extracts however can be obtained from Geoff Pycroft
Web Site Researcher and Archivist.

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