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Click here for Ismailia and Spion Kop Photos


Col Ian Biffo Cartwright Stone laying in Wellington Memorial Gardens
At the same time a memorial stone layed for Capt Joe Eastwood and Colin Boutty

Gallipoli Dinner


Gallipoli Parade






Ismailia and Spion Kop Page

48th Anniversary of the M62 bomb parade


Internment of Ashes in Wellington Barracks Gardens




Bury Remembrance Parade

Fusiliers Armitice Day Parade Gallipoli Garden



VJ Day in Bury

VJ Day in Bury Part 2

Conrad Cole Street Naming

Click on this for the Granada reports Report and video

M62 Memorial Service Hartshead Moor


Veterans Parades and the week in Blackpool



Gallipoli Week End

Gallipoli Dinner

18 for 18 Memorial Stone Unveiling


Clifford Tilley's Parade Photos

Jack Walkers Photos of Parade

Jack Walkers Video Collection of the week end

HMS Euryalus Parade in Regimental Parish Church Bury
The Bury Times Report

THE sunshine glinted on the medals of veterans and those still serving at the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers’ annual commemoration of Gallipoli on Sunday.

The event saw more than 300 people take part in the parade through Bury town centre, including serving Fusiliers from Fifth Fusiliers as well as Fusilier Cadets and Veterans.

This year, however, there was additional pride and poignancy with the unveiling of a new stone memorial in the Gallipoli garden.

The day began with a service at Bury Parish Church conducted by the Rector of Bury, the Rev Julian Heaton.

During the service, Jerusalem was sung and, following The Last Post, a minute’s silence was observed.

Among those taking part were Lt Col Tom Ruggle and Chief Warrant Officer Matthew Colbeck of the Loyal Scots Canadian Army Regiment affiliated with The Fusiliers.

Mr Ruggle said: “For us its a commemorations of the roots forged in the First World War. It’s a ‘family’ event.”

The new memorial was officially unveiled by the Mayor of Bury, Cllr Jane Black and representatives from the regiment in a special ceremony.

The new addition to the garden has been made from Portland stone to match the existing Lutyen memorial which was designed by Sir Edward Lutyen in 1922 to commemorate the Lancashire Fusiliers killed in conflict.

The new sculpture was designed and crafted by Paul Crabtree and Hannah Sofaer of the Portland Sculpture and Quarry Trust and includes all 18 names of the Lancashire Fusiliers who were awarded the Victoria Cross during the First World War.

The latest project by The Fusilier Museum follows on from the successful exhibition – 18 for 18 which saw all 18 Victoria Crosses reunited for the first time at the end of last year. The initiative which has cost £18,000 has been jointly funded by Bury Council and The Fusilier Museum itself.

Colonel Brian Gorski, chairman of The Fusilier Museum, said: “Following the success of our 18 for 18 exhibition we wanted to have a permanent landmark to commemorate the end of World War 1 and the 18 Victoria Crosses won by Lancashire Fusiliers.

“The new stone memorial enables us all to recognise the sacrifices they made as well as acknowledge the important roles they played within the regiment and the war effort. A huge thank you to Bury council for helping us make this tribute a reality and to Paul and Hannah for their work in the finished piece.”

Colonel James Denny, Regimental Secretary for the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers said: “Gallipoli is an important day in our Regimental calendar, so once again we will pay tribute to the fallen and recognise the ultimate sacrifice they made as Lancashire Fusiliers.

Colonel of the Regiment, Major General Paul Nanson CBE, took the salute outside.



Fusilier 50 Events

Fusilier 50 St Georges Parade Newcastle

The Fusilier 50, St Georges, and Gallipoli Dinner,

Fusilier 50 Gallipoli and St Georges Parade Bury 2018

Jack Walkers photos of the Week End in Bury

The Rochdale Parade

The Rochdale and Salford Photo Slide Show

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The M62 Parade 4th February


Joseph Lister VC
Memorial Plaque Laying
Willow Grove Cemetery Stockport


New Colours for 1RRF
Phil Massams Tribute Video to Fallen Fusiliers More photo's below

Remembrance Parades across Lancashire Area

Oldhams Remembrance Parade



Alnwick Branch
New Standard
Lorne Scots Canada 150th Anniversary
Laying up of 2RRF Colours From Toon to The Tower
1st Fusiliers Cycle Ride

Phil Massam's Tribute to the Fallen of the
Royal Regiment of Fusiliers
it was also Triple award winning scooter, best paint, best Lambretta and best in show overall.

Minden Drumhead Service and Dinner Veterans Day Parade Blackpool
Veterans Week and Parade 2 Blackpool

Walk like a Veteran
Bury to Blackpool overnight

Launch of Commemorative Ales  Newcastle New Colours
for the
1st Bn Royal Regiment of Fusiliers
23rd April 2016
on their
48th Birthday
Gallipoli 101 Week End
Lancashire Area Council Meeting
Gallipoli 101 Parade 1
Gallipoli Parade 2

Gallipoli 101 Dinner 1
Gallipoli 101 Dinner 2
Gallipoli 101 Lunch
The opening of the new stained Glass windows in the museum Bury
over 800 photos of the week end


Dedication of Bench and Garden of Remembrance
Saltwell Park Gateshead
Newcastle Branch

Rochdale Council Forces News And Event

Minden Drumhead Service

Minden Drumhead Service 2

Rochdale Branch trip to the funerals at Prowse point cemetery Belgium


1st August
Minden Madness

Joel Halliwell VC Road Naming in Middleton

2nd set of Photos

Joel Halliwell VC Road Naming 2
By Michael Robinson

Gallipoli / St Georges Gathering

Gallipoli / St Georges Parade Bury 1

Gallipoli / St Georges Parade Bury 2

Gallipoli / St Georges Parade Bury 3

Spion Kop and Ismailia Parades


M62 40th Service of Remembrance

Photos 1

Photos 2

Photos 3

Photos 4


Step Short Parade
SE Kent Branch

Blackpool Veterans Parade

2nd set of photos

Blackpool Arboretum
Veterans Week

Northern Ireland reunion

Normandy Weekend in Nuneaton.

Fusilier Association Bowls Comp

Sheldon Branch were the winners.

Runners up Nuneaton Branch

Gallipoli / St Georges Parade Bury

Gallipoli / St Georges Parade Bury 2

Gallipoli / St Georges Parade Bury 3

Northern Ireland Branch
St Georges Gathering

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Remembrance Day Parade Videos

Alnwick Branch

Minden Dinner
Rochdale Branch

Minden Madness

Northumberland Assoc
St George's Day Parade


RRF Band (Lancashire) visit to Prowse Point Cemetery
June 2011

Click here for the story of the Band Trip
(I understand Northumberland and Warwickshire Assocication where also there it would be nice to have some of their photos)

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Gallipoli /St George's
and Parade

The Gathering 2010 Warwickshire
updated 24th August 2012

Remembrance Sunday London Area
just added 13/07/2011
Video of the parade
Click on link below


Remembrance Sunday

Pre 2010


The Presentation of new Colours to 2RRF
by the Duke of Kent,

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