The Feature page
Elena Galesso
and her
Model Making

Earlier this year we were contacted by Elena Galesso who lives in Malfalcone near Gorizia, North East Italy. She was seeking information regarding the WWI Battle Signs worn on LF's uniforms and the occasional use of a representation of the Primrose Hackle on war time helmets. Elena is a model maker of extraordinary talent and her latest project was to be a model a WWI LF from the 15th Bn. She promised to forward photographs of the completed model. It was made from a white metal kit from Andrea Miniatures and came unassembled and unpainted. Elena hand painted it in acrylic on assembly and it stands approximately 55mm in 1/32 scale. (just over 2 inches). I think you will agree that the finished model is exquisite and the detail outstanding. Elena lives in an area of Northern Italy which she says is steeped in WWI history all around her.

The photos below are a Tank she has made