Frank Jackson

I could not resist sending in this photo(postcard - stamped --- Minster Studio. Wimborne) of my Maternal Grandfather Frank Jackson who was from Rochdale. I would love to learn more about his role in WW1.I know very little about him other than he was very proud to be in the Lancashire Fusiliers, so proud that apparently when any other regiment was mentioned to him his stock reply would be along the lines of ' If they'd have sent the LF in it'd 'ave been over in 'alf the time'.
I believe he was shot in the leg at some stage in the action but survived and came back to Rochdale after the war.
I cannot tell you any more than the above, with so little information would it be possible to find out more such as his battalion or where he may have fought?

Thankyou and Best Regards.

Ian Watson.