Dunkirk 1940

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The Lancashire Fusiliers had 4 Battalions at Dunkirk
2nd Bn, 1/5th Bn, 1/6th Bn, 1/8th Bn

"These were the first 2 gallantry awards of the Second World War"

Captain J H Hudson MC and Fusilier John Worsley MM receiving the Croix De Guerre
for their action in killing six enemy and taking one prisoner during a fighting patrol
by the 2nd Bn The Lancashire Fusiliers on the night of 19th March 1940.
Fusilier Worsley was killed in action eight weeks later during the retreat to Dunkirk
and is buried at Waarmaaarde Graveyard.
Captain Hudson MC was taken POW by the Germans in Tunisia in April 1943
fighting with C Coy 2 LF in the Battle Axe Division

Fusilier John Worsley MM

John's Citation

( This was the first MM
to be awarded in WW2
Joe Eastwood editor )

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The 2nd Bn The Lancashire Fusiliers gallant rearguard action before Dunkirk

Country: Belgium
Locality: Avelgem, West-Vlaanderen
Location Information: Waer Maerde (Waarmaarde) Churchyard is located 45 Km east of Ieper town centre and 21 Km east of Kortrijk on the N8 connecting Ieper to Kortrijk and onto Waer Maerde. The N8 is a continuous road running from Ieper to Elseghem via Menen (Menin), Wevelgem, Kortrijk, Zwevegem, Avelgem, and finally Waarmaarde. The village is approached via the Oudenaardsesteenweg (N8). On reaching the village the churchyard is located after the second right hand turning onto the O.L.Vrouwstraat. The churchyard is located on the left hand side of the road.
Historical Information: The British Expeditionary Force was involved in the later stages of the defence of Belgium following the German invasion in May 1940, and suffered many casualties in covering the withdrawal to Dunkirk. Waarmaarde Churchyard contains 18 Commonwealth burials of the Second World War, one of which is unidentified.

All the 17 British WW2 casualties in the cemetery are men of the 2nd Bn The XXth The Lancashire Fusiliers.
They died during their heroic attempts to hold up the German Forces sufficiently long to enable the BEF to escape from the beaches at Dunkirk.
The men who died included:-
Lt Col C.L.Rougier MC the CO of the 2nd Bn.
Fusilier John Worsley MM and Croix de Guerre(he won the medals only 8 weeks before he was killed)

I have listed them below:-

BERESFORD, ARTHUR Fusilier 3449488 Lancashire Fusiliers 22/05/1940 20 Grave 6.
BUCKLEY, WILBUR CHALLYS Lance Corporal 4075662 Lancashire Fusiliers 22/05/1940 27 Grave 8.
BUTTERWORTH, LESLIE Fusilier 3446113 Lancashire Fusiliers 21/05/1940 26 Grave 15.
CLEMENTS, ANTHONY Fusilier 3447842 Lancashire Fusiliers 21/05/1940 22 Grave 13.
COOPES, FRANK Fusilier 3449289 Lancashire Fusiliers 22/05/1940 20 Grave 3.
CRITCHLEY, WILLIAM Lance Corporal 3853380 Lancashire Fusiliers 21/05/1940 30 Grave 17.

DIXON, JOHN Corporal 3446447 Lancashire Fusiliers 21/05/1940 26 Grave 10.
GREGORY, WALTER Fusilier 3449322 Lancashire Fusiliers 10/05/1940 20 Grave 7.
HARCUP, FREDERICK A. Fusilier 3442018 Lancashire Fusiliers 22/05/1940 31 Grave 18.
HOMAN, JOHN JOSEPH Fusilier 3446199 Lancashire Fusiliers 21/05/1940 24 Grave 9.
JOHNSON, TOM Fusilier 3441288 Lancashire Fusiliers 22/05/1940 33 Grave 5.
MARTIN, WILLIAM Fusilier 3442767 Lancashire Fusiliers 22/05/1940 33 Grave 14.
ROBINSON, WILFRED Fusilier 3446426 Lancashire Fusiliers 21/05/1940 28 Grave 12.
ROGERSON, JOHN HENRY Fusilier 3445835 Lancashire Fusiliers 22/05/1940 26 Grave 1.
ROUGIER, CHARLES LESLIE Lieutenant Colonel 1806 Lancashire Fusiliers 22/05/1940 44 Grave 4.
RYAN, JOSEPH HENRY Fusilier 3451826 Lancashire Fusiliers 22/05/1940 21 Grave 2.
WORSLEY, JOHN Fusilier 3446868 Lancashire Fusiliers 21/05/1940 25 Grave 11

In Memory Web Site
of the Churchyard at WAARMAARDE (ww2)
(West Vlaanderen Belgium)
by Pierre Vandervelden
shows the Church, Grave Yard, and many photo's of the aboves graves stones


Major John Smale
was with the 2nd Bn LFs with the BEF and all the way back to the UK via Dunkirk.
He then joined the Commandos.

for his story
Major Smale
5th September 2008

2nd Lancashire Fusiliers marching through Grevillers and their captors

" Fusilier Edward Michael O'Connor,
Wounded at Dunkirk"


Fus J C King.

(Click on photo to enlarge it)

He was captured during the rearguard action before Dunkirk.
He spent the war in Stalag XXA (Football Team pic)
"Mr T King of Middleton would like to hear from anyone who knew his father"
Tel 0161-643 0128

Lt John Dyson Kaye MC

Lt John Dyson Kaye MC went to France with the BEF as a L/Cpl and fought his way
back to the UK via the Dunkirk beaches.

He was then commissioned into the Loyals and subsequently into the West
Kents, where he won a Military Cross at one of the tunnels at Buthedeung.
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This is his service history.

28.08.1939 Signed up for 4 years service with Corps of Military Police
(Territorial Army). 42nd (EL) Divisional Provost Company, No. 7685369
rank Private but "appointed unpaid" Lance Corporal on the same day.
There were no inconveniences like getting driving licences in those days.
I attach his self-certification for motor-cycle!

02.09.1939 Mobilised
Next of kin - father Harry Kaye "Kelmscot", Washway Road, Sale.

record continues on Army form B199A number 214109 (Date, Particulars,

09.04.1940 served in France in the 42nd as part of the British
Expeditionary Force

03.01.1941 Wm. Taylor, Barrister-at-Law, 78 Kings Street Manchester
signed Certificate of Moral Character for admission into OCTU

17.01.1941 J Lewison, Captain of 42nd recommends JDK for O.C.T.U.
Paid as Lance Corporal with effect from 02.09.1939

07.06.1941 163 Officer Cadet Training unit (Artists' Rifles) Heysham
(Under Army No. 7685369)
The "Special Qualifications" he entered on the form B199A is attached.
"This cadet worked hard and produced satisfactory results. His ability
is average but should make a useful officer" M.E.I.Goff Lt. Colonel
Commanding O.C.T.U.
Company Commanders Report attached - illness seems to affected his results
Part 3 of the application attached - notice the
Interview Board members.

25.10.1941 Appointed to an emergency commission (2nd Lieutenant) to the
Loyal (N. Lancs.) Regiment LG 7.11.41

25.10.1941 Posted to 7th Battalion Loyal Regiment PL.356

31.10.1941 Joined 7th Battalion .

15.11.1941 Attended 92 LAA Regiment R.A.

27.11.1941 Posted 10th Battalion Joined 2.12.1941

07.03.1942 Selected for service with British Infantry in India

02.03.1942 (or 19.03.1942?) Embarked from Glasgow for India draft
RAXWY 120/gen/14689mid 04/0442 16/04/42

25.05.1942 Posted 1 Lancs. Fusiliers

01.10.1942 rank War. Subs. Lieutenant WOO 9.43
108 L of C Area Order no 1105 effective 06.10.1944
J.K.Smith Lt. Col. O.C. No.4 Wing G.H.Q.(India) B.B.R.C

05.10.1943 Posted 4 R.W.Kents

29.10.1943 Entered ceremonial area as defined in A1 (1) with 4th Royal
West Kents 2" Ech 196S Ses 21 11/43

01.04.1944 Admitted hospital 9SO R.W.Kents Posted X.2 list 2" Ech PT2
18/44 4RWK

10.06.1944 B.B.R.C. Deolali

27.07.1944 Award of M.C. announced in London Gazette.

28.09.1944 rank Acting Captain HC 108 L of C 0-1104/44

30.11.1944 Appointed Claims Officer, Claims Comission New Delhi A'g's B
ch G.H.Q.(1) PIIO 2/45 CRO(India)
T.O.S. Per. staff GHQ (I) B.B.R.C. as Coy. Commander
Attended Lahore Dist. H.Q.

07.07.1945 Relinquished O.C. D.O. Lahore Dist. X List Loyal

13.07.1945 Appointed D.A.D (Claims) of an Army India 38/45

18.07.1945 rank WS Lieutenant, Acting Major list 7/45 D.A.D Claims
Commission H.Q. Southern Army 105 L of C area H.Q.

05.08.1944 Will signed in favour of his mother. Witness P Nolan 2nd
Lieutenant Royal Sussex Reg. Westminster Bank, Brentford, London

18.10.1945 rank WS Captain, T/Major

04.11.1945 Embarked for U.K. Disembarked 21.11.1945 (Python)

04.12.1945 Posted to 18 FHB 5/AR/132Ag2(0)

23.01.1946 Demobilised. Address Bridge House, Darley Bridge, Matlock,

06.03.1954 Address noted as (Mrs A M Kaye) 33 Riddlesdowne Road, Purley,

The Kings Letter

sent in by Ann Rowles Johns Niece

These have been sent in by Tony and Sheila Clayton

Dunkirk Ann Medal

Dunkirk Monument

Dunkirk Beach