William Angus

Willi's Hong Kong Page

William has sent us a great set of pics, which we felt merited having a page to himself! He is living in Rochdale, and has agreed to allow me to tell a little of the dramatic events which have happened since we all served together in Hong Kong.(He tells a hilarious story of trying to show a film at Fanling, with the projection room on fire and the LFs refusing to let him stop the film!!) Following a short spell with 3 RRF, William gained his sailors papers and sailed off to Brazil, where he had a rare old time, in and out of different ports, good women ,good wine and song.(See the before and after pic!) He was contracted to do 2 months on and 1 month off, he owned a flat in Colchester and had bought a motorbike. He was driven into by a car in 1975, which resulted in a spinal and neck injury which meant he would not walk again. Years of treatment followed, and is still going on. William has studied and researched and become a recognised expert in the field of Second World War memorabilia, especially Nazi items. He has an international reputation and has his name in numerous Militaria Publications. He has a beautiful lady friend Shelley(see pics!!)and I welcome them both to our LF web site.

Having a little drink at Xmas End of the LFs End of the LFs Rambo 1
Dragonboat Winners Erskine Camp Fanling More little drinks!
Poser at Erskine Camp Hong Kong Island Hong Kong from Gun Club Bks Rambo 2
Choppers on The Intrepid Where's me sheep gone? Man Kam To Hong Kong Newspaper cutting.
I wish it was mine! Road from Erskine Sha Tao Kok. Chinese Border. SilverStrands Beach
I see no Ships I'm the good looking guy  in the background. A bit of something for afters. Xmas Drinks & Dinner
Xmas Drinks & Dinner This sausage is a bit raw. The Three Degrees on Sports Day. Large & Little.
Large Little & Large. Shaw Studios, James Bond Country. On guard at Gun Club Protecting Democracy at Gun Club
On the ranges. New Territories Victim of the Hong Kong riots