The Lancashire Fusiliers


Welcome to the Lancashire Fusiliers saleroom.

Items submitted on this page will be open for bids over a period of 7 days. Some items will carry a reserve, which will remain secret until that reserve is met.
The sale will end at 20.30 hrs on the final day. The highest bidder at that time will be the winner of the auction. If there are multiple winnings bids of the same value, then the earliest bid wins.
Bids must be made by email to Dennis Laverick and sale information will be updated at 20.30 hrs each day, until the end of the auction.

The winning bidder is to send payment to 'LF Web Site Fund', C/O Dennis Laverick.

Please note all these items will go to Fusilier first if not sold will be offered to none Fusiliers

All bids must go to

The following Items are open for bids. Click on the item for details.

Good Luck with your bids

Closed for now