Lancashire Fusiliers

National Service Depots


This is Fulwood Barracks Preston 1948


This photo was sent in by Malcom Fee son of Noah Fee

This Depot is Saighton Camp Chester.1951
These photo'shave been sent in by Eric Freeman

This Depot is Bowerham Barracks Lancaster


Back Row L to R.

1. Les Hurd 2. Alan Bates 3. Sam Tinson 4. Denis Moore 5. F Connor 6. Eric Margison 7. Cannot Recall 8. S Ruff 9. Tony Anthistle 10. Jimmy Kavanagh 11. ? Rostron 12. Alan Smith.

Middle Row L to R

1. Victor Harris 2. Matt Kenny 3. Peter Holmes 4. ? Hobson 5. Taffy Williams 6. Alan Blain 7. Cannot Recall 8. Cannot Recall 9. David Mckecnie 10. Robin Engleby 11 John Hughs 12. John Stanway 13. Ben Cope 14. ? Entwistle

Front Row L to R

1. ? Ollerenshaw 2. Tubby Daniels 3. Gorden Hall 4. Ray Newton Depot Training Staff 10. Cliff Sexton 11. Bob Lomax 12. Ray Dearden 13. ? Brown

Other Names I Remember who are missing from photo.

Geoffey Holmes, Bernard Openshaw, Brian Kay, Ginger Maddocks, ? Willcocks

Peter Holmes was stationed at Bowerham Barracks Lancaster for the years 1952- 1954 National Service
he has already had one email from Ben Cope who now lives in Australia, who saw his message on the website
he is now looking for more contacts are you on the photos if so leave a message on the message board
so we can all see and Peter will read them and get back to you

Joint Depot 1961 when Wellington Barracks Closed

The Tower of London