1st Bn The XX The Lancashire Fusiliers
India, Quetta Cawnpoue.
1938 - 1944


A Certificate presented to John Mucky Mason
when he moved to the 2nd Battalion

The Hockey Team

Thomas Cunningham
1st Bn Lancashire Fusiliers Burma

with the Paras at Op Market Garden at Arnhem,

Thomas is on the right appox 1933

Thomas Cunningham's Medals

Thomas's kit lay out

Thomas is on the right

Thomas Cunningham was born in Wigan 1919 where he lived at 188 Bell Lane with his WW1 veteran father and his mother.
He joined the 1st Bn Lancashire in September 1939 and served with them in India and Burma just prior to the Bn taking part in the Chindit Operations.
He transferred to the Army Air Corp in October 1942, before becoming a member of the Parachute Regiment and taking part in the Op Market Garden at Arnhem, where he was shot and wounded, resulting in the loss of one lung.
He was captured and made a POW in Stalag X11A as POW number 40500,from where he wrote to his mother (see pic )
The date 30 September is significent, most of our forces had been captured on the 25th, so Thomas held out to the very last.
Here is a link to a site dealing with this POW Camp:-

He would have been liberated in April 1945

A rare insight into the story of one of our WW2 heroes.

Thomas Cunningham Minden Day Photo in Quetta 1938
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Thomas's Collection of the Guards at Stalag X11A
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Thomas other photos of Burma
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These pics are of 2 old LFs,Sam Cohan and Eddie Stoney.
They are both vets from just before the 1st Bn became Chindits in WW2,

Photos taken Minden Day 2008