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Welcome to
XXth The Lancashire Fusiliers


Still going strong after 350 years

A meeting place especially friends from overseas.Ex LF then stop awhile, and see if any old comrades are trying to contact you, or your family.If you have any photographs of interest, please send them for inclusion in the postings gallery There are over 20.000 photos in the postings gallery you maybe on one or two

Mission Statement:

The Aims of this Website.
To uphold and preserve the proud name of the Lancashire Fusiliers, and to provide friendship, support and comradeship to all
Lancashire Fusiliers and their loved ones where ever they maybe
The Web Site is run by volunteer LFs who work on the site for free, but we do have to pay web site fees so you can see it, so feel free to donate to keep the LFs and the web site running

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Gone, but not forgotten.
Items that deserve a special mention.
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Display of personal items of interest.
Russian and American LF reenactment  groups
Famous or Infamous LFs
Photos & Video clips of parades, re-unions etc.
Then and now pics of ex-LFs.
LF Victoria Cross Holders
Links to other websites
*the towns the LF have the  Freedom of Bury Rochdale and Salford
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The Website Data Base
Miscellaneous Stories of interest Links Page
Items pertaining to the Band & Drums.
Stories and Memories from LF Families Club
LF Battle Honours 1688 to 1968

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